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Must I have a Research Mentor lined up in order to apply to the program?

No, you do not have to have a research mentor to apply. However, during the course of the application process you must identify a research mentor who is approved by the directors and who agrees to have you as a postdoctoral fellow should you be admitted to the Program. We highly recommend that you begin your application by identifying potential research mentors; start by consulting the links under Research Mentors on this website.  The Directors will work with you to find approved mentors whose research corresponds to your interests.


Is it better for me to already have a mentor lined up before applying or interviewing with the Directors?

Although not necessary in the early stages, having a Research Mentor already in place will expedite the processing of your application since you will not have the added responsibility of interviewing with Research Mentors while interviewing for the Program. If you identify a research mentor before applying to the program a letter from the mentor must be included in your application.


Do I need to prepare a seminar if called for an interview with the IRACDA program?

No. You only need to prepare a seminar if requested to do so by your prospective Research Mentor.


What is the IRACDA salary?

IRACDA fellows are paid according to the UC adjusted scale (above NIH scale) with prescribed annual increases, health benefits and support for research including: $2500 towards the purchase of computers and teaching supplies and $1000 annually to attend scientific meetings or professional development workshops. In addition, complete funding to attend the Annual IRACDA National Conference and $2500 to attend the HHMI/NAS Summer Teaching Institute


How often does the entire program meet?

The entire group of fellows and program directors come together about twice a month for specific Professional Development activities and to discuss successes, problems, concerns, and upcoming events. Each fellow presents a research update annually to the group. Fellows meet semi-annually separately with the directors to discuss their research, teaching and career development progress.


How many conferences can I attend?

IRACDA fellows are encouraged to attend and to present at one major scientific meeting annually. Fellows are also expected to attend the Annual National IRACDA conference.