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New Jobs!

Congratulations to Dr. Anabel Flores on accepting a position as Assistant Professor at California Baptist University for Fall 2021!

Congratulations to Dr. Eillen Tecle on accepting a position as Assistant Professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills for Fall 2021!


Congratulations to Dr. Julieta Aguilar for her promotion to Chair of the Biology Department at Los Angeles Trade Tech College!

Grants, Fellowships, Awards & Honors!

Congratulations to Director Dr. JoAnn Trejo for her election in the the National Academy of Medicine!  

Congratulations to fellow Dr. Rachel Diner and her mentor Dr. Jack Gilbert on receiving an SIO Seed Grant to fund Rachel's research on how oyster-associated microbes can degrade toxic pollutants in coastal waters!  

Congratulations to SD IRACDA alumna Dr. Olivia Molinar-Inglis on being awarded a prestigious 2021 AAAS Science and Technology Fellowship!  

Congratulations to fellow Dr. Spencer Gang on winning the IRACDA 2021 Poster Award at the national meeting!

Congratulations to fellow Dr. Michael Williams for his team's win in the Scholar Competition at the IRACDA 2021 Meeting!

Congratulations to fellow Dr. Danielle Schmitt for being accepted into the NIH-funded ASCB Accomplishing Career Transitions!

Congratulations to fellow Dr. Carlos Gonzalez for being awarded the Fred Hutch Dr. Eddie Mendez Scholar Award!

Congratulations to SD IRACDA alumnus Dr. Jonathan Kelber on receiving the California State University Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB) Faculty Research Award. Dr. Kelber is the first California State University Northridge faculty member to receive this honor!


Congratulations to Dr. Arnold Gutierrez for his first-author publications in Psychopharmacology and Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior!

Congratulations to Dr. Rachel Diner for her co-authored publication in Microbiomes and her first-author publication in mSystems!

Congratulations to Dr. Carlos Gonzales for his co-authored publications in Cell, PNAS, and Nature Communications and for one more recently accepted into Cell Host Microbe!

Congratulations to Dr. Justin Shaffer for his co-authored publications in Microbiomes and Gut Microbes!